"Ashley is dope." - Spiderman


Author James Thurber once said, "There are two kinds of light—the glow that illumines, and the glare that obscures." Ashley Scarbrough and her work are examples of the former.  When I think of her and her art, I think of light, sunshine, color, warmth, and luminescence. Her unique point of view always reveals in a new way the dignity of humanity and the environment that nurtures us. -Dr. Sandra Glahn, Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, and Editor-in-chief of Kindred Spirit Magazine

I've had the pleasure of watching Ashley transform from being the question to the answer. Her curiosity has definitely aided her growth in opening up her mind to explore the areas that I saw hindered her growth earlier. Her being a great writer often made it hard to apply the same level of passion to her photography. However,  all that has been nurtured  and has spilled into her confidence with her camera. I think she now understands that photography is not just something you do with a camera. But with your mind, your heart. That it takes patience and planning to communicate with your viewers. More importantly, her spiritual maturity has been a guiding factor through this entire process. I'm excited to see what she is going to do next now that she is equipped with everything she learned these past few years. Well done. -Stanley Tongai, Dallas Photographer and I am Second Photographer

Ashley makes friends easily, loves the Lord and the people of Africa. She is the first person I met who asked to write about me. Her photography has an impact in the missions ministry and her heart for international missions shines as she writes people’s stories. -Fyness Ngwira, Secretary at Baptist Seminary in Lilongwe, Malawi. 

Our journey with Ashley began at our engagement as she accompanied me through a scavenger hunt to find my, now, husband down on one knee. She continued on the journey with us through bridal portraits and, of course, our wedding day. Ashley produced gorgeous, unique photographs that perfectly captured our love story. What I loved most about Ashley being our photographer is she always made us feel comfortable and natural in front of the camera. We are blessed to have our memories preserved forever through her work! -Harrison and Stephanie Ward, Client

Concise. Clear. Impactful. Ashley Scarbrough's skill at communicating even the more difficult or complex in moving language demonstrates her clear talent for the written word. I hope to see much more of her writing through the years. -Doug Bender, author of the I am Second books. -Doug Bender, author of I am Second books

God has taken Ashley's two passions of missions and photography and meshed them together to tell the story of His Glory around the world.  If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, then Ashley's capturing of what He is doing speaks in powerful ways. -Scott Ward

Ashley is one of the best photographers I've had the pleasure of working with. She is truly gifted and makes taking photos seem effortless and relaxed! She is fabulous and someone I would highly recommend! Thank you for all you have done Ashley!- Crystal Maldonado, Dallas Wedding Photographer