For Photographers: How to Win Friends and Influence People Week 3

I hope the past couple weeks has encouraged you and challenged you. I have been busy editing some shoots and mailing out the finished products and these past two chapters have really influenced my process. Now I keep jotting down ways to get to know my clients on a more personal basis. I have a couple new things I include in my packages, when I mail them their photographers too. This book has really got my thinking about ways to love on others, in small and large ways. This chapter was no different!

Week 3: Arouse in the other person an eager want

When Carnegie dove into this principle, there were several other factors that I realized influenced this principle and that is what I have created these questions based on.

  1. How do I find out what others want? My favorite quote from this chapter: "If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the others point of view and see things from their angle as well as from your own." This is such a simple question and such a simple answer. Yet it makes a huge difference. Asking questions, actively listening, and jotting down physical or mental notes is crucial. If I am prepping for a photojournalism assignment, this involves heavy research before I connect with a client. This includes checking out the website, asking around, viewing their photos and seeing how I can help better this area. If I am working on a portrait shoot, this includes asking questions in email correspondence, getting to know them at the consultation and not just going over contract details. 
  2. How can I help others get what they want? Listening and asking questions. One of Carnegie's main points in this chapter was the importance of focusing on them, not your own issues. I know sometimes if I am tired before a shoot or have had a long week, it's hard to do this. If I want to be serve them with my best, I need to find out what they want, and that requires my full attention. This means I take my focus off how can I make my business grow and I focus on how can I make their heart, passions, and vision grow. 
  3. How can I create an eager want in my clients? This requires a heart check-- an intentional reminder before every assignment or photoshoot that this my time to put myself aside and serve them. Sometimes this looks like taking a few minutes before the shoot to put the phone away, get alone, and regroup in a sense. Once the heart is set in place, the actions follow. Some other practical things to do would be showing my previous work to clients, sharing stories and letting them see my passion in order to create trust. Transparency breads transparency. 

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Comment below with your thoughts or questions! This is an open discussion to share your frustrations and inspiration. What have the questions above prompted you to do?