Abby+Sam: The Proposal

Wow, what an absolutely incredible night. The fireworks didn't come until the sun went down, but the night was plenty vibrant and joyful while we set up for the big proposal. Sam contacted me just a few days before the proposal, asking if I was available. Now backstory, I remember when these two started dating in high school five years ago. When he told me he was about to pop the question, I was ecstatic! The day had finally come and I was so humbled to get to be invited in to capture the moments. 

Sam picked out the sweetest location: the top of the parking garage, where they watched the fireworks every year. This place was full of memories, and now he was about to top it off with one of the greatest memories yet: the proposal. I met up with their friends about an hour before Sam and Abby arrived to help set up and get a few shots before they arrived. When Sam texted us that they were on the way, we hurried real quick, moved all the cars, and piled into to the truck! 

Minutes passed by, they finally pulled up. I learned later, that Abby had already started crying in the car before they got out. She saw the balloons and the set up and knew what was about to happen-- the day she had been anxiously waiting for.  They walked over and thing you know, there is plenty of crying, hugging, and she said yes! It was one of the sweetest proposal's I have seen. And of course I am tearing up behind the camera. Once she said yes, her friends burst out of the unrecognized truck in the parking lot. The air filled with squeals as they all jumped on top of her and hugged her. 

The proposal ended with an intimate group of their closest friends, champagne toasts, cheesecake and all things pink. So excited for Sam and Abby and their big day coming soon! As a photographer, it is an honor to be trusted to capture some of the most incredible memories to be made in someone's life. It was a special honor to get to capture this sweet couple's proposal. No Fourth of July fireworks could radiate quite as much as this couple! Here are a few snapshots. Enjoy!